Our Organization
SMB Fundraising Incorporated
SMB Fundraising's exclusive brochures, specializing in frozen food, and other food products provide your
group with a selection of choices.

Product Variety
Enjoy World's Finest Chocolate and Hershey's Chocolate.  OH BOY! OBERTO! beef sticks are available
and provide delicious non-chocolate alternative for your group's sales.

Sport Apparel
Purchase jackets, t-shirts, hats, and other novelty items.  We personalize items with silk screening and

Take advantage of our sample personalized letter, collection envelopes, record keeping forms (for
chocolate distribution and money collection).

Immediate Service
Warehoused chocolate is available locally and can be received in 24 hours.  
CONTACT US for your order.

We guarantee fresh product will arrive by your delivery deadline.

No Hidden Charges
There are NO hidden restocking charges.

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes
Increase your sales by selecting from unique PRIZE PROGRAMS.
Better for you!! Better for New Mexico!!  New Mexico owned and operated!!
Named for Sara Michelle Brownstein,
SMB Fundraising Incorporated has been
New Mexico owned and operated since 1979.
We offer quality fund raising products and
people, paired with exceptional service.
NO Initial Charge for Your Fundraising Campaign